Baptized Remix Feat Deante Hitchcock, Hollywood JB, IDK, Erick The Architect & Juice of FBZ


Baptized Remix
Baptized Remix
Baptized Remix
Baptized Remix
Baptized Remix


  • Cheeze Bee
    Cheeze Bee4 ditë më parë

    I'd like fo us to work on somm thang niggas

  • Edge 5942
    Edge 59425 ditë më parë

    You telling me I been listening to Baptize all this time and THIS has been here

  • 710envy
    710envy16 ditë më parë

    Jay ay dee... Ay dee kay

  • A Piece of Toast
    A Piece of Toast16 ditë më parë

    This is hot garbage

  • Cam Schaller
    Cam Schaller20 ditë më parë

    This remix goes crazy

  • DannyPhantom ASMR
    DannyPhantom ASMR21 ditë më parë

    my gooooodness this is so hard

  • SoloWay Cj
    SoloWay Cj22 ditë më parë

    This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯‼️

  • Keandalini
    Keandalini23 ditë më parë

    Juice was way to real in this one shits amazing

  • Element J
    Element J23 ditë më parë

    Tried to fix the mixing and add the verses to the original:

  • a
    a24 ditë më parë

    What lyrics does this belong to though

  • RealOneThreeSevens
    RealOneThreeSevens25 ditë më parë

    Sold out niggas

  • Brandon Mendez
    Brandon Mendez26 ditë më parë

    Why does IDK sound like Kanye

  • chris james
    chris james26 ditë më parë

    Damn. I'm loving spillage village. Keep em comin

  • J. D. Smith
    J. D. Smith26 ditë më parë

    Something I didn't know that I needed so bad

  • Howie Gerstner
    Howie Gerstner28 ditë më parë

    Zombies stole the show 🤷‍♂️

  • naomi mosiane
    naomi mosiane28 ditë më parë


  • J.R. MURK
    J.R. MURK28 ditë më parë

    How am I a week late to this wtf bro

  • J.R. MURK
    J.R. MURK28 ditë më parë

    This is legendary !!waiting for j cole and Erick to be on a track together !!!!

  • LuNY2nez
    LuNY2nez29 ditë më parë

    Why this not on streaming?

  • Pigeon Wise
    Pigeon Wise29 ditë më parë

    Flatbush x EARTHGANG collab album is necessary

  • BIG-WhoShotYa
    BIG-WhoShotYa29 ditë më parë

    This is FIRE!!

  • Donquixote Rosinante
    Donquixote Rosinante29 ditë më parë

    Oh my god this song is amazing, a masterpiece

  • JUSROB iii
    JUSROB iii29 ditë më parë

    This kinda a big deal

  • N R
    N R29 ditë më parë

    Is this on spotify?

  • Ben Dickerson
    Ben Dickerson29 ditë më parë

    Had me at remix, then saw FBZ. Ya'll just put the two most played, by far, artist in my playlist together.

  • tyrone williams
    tyrone williams29 ditë më parë

    ALthe: BORN GOD: Character of a Man: CHECK IT OUT

  • Drive
    DriveMuaj më parë

    Deante Hitchcock, IDK, and FBZ on one of favorite spillage instrumentals? What is going on here????

  • Danny Mid evil
    Danny Mid evilMuaj më parë

    You know a song good when the remix has dope dudes buh still ain’t as good as the original 🥲

  • Xavier Goulet-Samoisette
    Xavier Goulet-SamoisetteMuaj më parë

    The album is so great it's got 2 bangers per song

  • Trevor Durkin
    Trevor DurkinMuaj më parë


  • Uncle Nick
    Uncle NickMuaj më parë

    There is a dangerous amount of talent on this remix

  • Jetti
    JettiMuaj më parë

    Get this shit on Spotify.

  • Brandino K123
    Brandino K123Muaj më parë

    This remix crazy!!

  • Orlando Magic
    Orlando MagicMuaj më parë

    Song is so good

  • Christian
    ChristianMuaj më parë

    Real ones know that Deante is a member of SV

  • Jevon Grant
    Jevon GrantMuaj më parë

    Bring back remixes. I'm here for it 😤😤

  • woopassman1
    woopassman1Muaj më parë

    Zombie Gang all day.

  • AimClickBean
    AimClickBeanMuaj më parë

    Spam darko and jid in the comments

  • Reefer Madness
    Reefer MadnessMuaj më parë

    This is JUICY

  • capstar
    capstarMuaj më parë

    the guy who does the second verse reminds me of capital steez sooo much

    EYESO SAINTMuaj më parë

    Deante killed this

  • George Lucas
    George LucasMuaj më parë

    Why no spotify? Dafuq is wrong with ya?

    ERBOCHMuaj më parë

    Deante went fucking ballistic jfc

  • tevyees
    tevyeesMuaj më parë

    venus verse from the original un touched

  • Oh Sure
    Oh SureMuaj më parë


  • Spencer Vezina
    Spencer VezinaMuaj më parë

    It's good but I do prefer the original

  • Nolan Stack
    Nolan StackMuaj më parë

    I always thought Meech would sound good on this hook in a remix. What they needed to do is let Erick do the production. You can tell the zombies came in with all these elaborate production ideas for their verses and the dreamville producer was like “chill we ain’t even mastering this cut” Still fire though!

  • Marco A. Lorio
    Marco A. LorioMuaj më parë


  • Christina S
    Christina SMuaj më parë


  • K.I.D. Casper Official
    K.I.D. Casper OfficialMuaj më parë


  • Eric Savedra
    Eric SavedraMuaj më parë

    Where's meech???

  • Mark Ziemba
    Mark ZiembaMuaj më parë

    I got both eyes closed cuz I’m trine see out this udda one

  • Torus of Light
    Torus of LightMuaj më parë

    The original was probably my favorite song last year. Thanks for the remix, and letting juice go last and kill it, masterpiece

  • Montrell Wright
    Montrell WrightMuaj më parë

    Why is it meechy Darko on this song

  • Politerudeboi
    PoliterudeboiMuaj më parë

    dope af to the 4th power of dopeness in the key of D spoken in dopanese

  • Cole Nuessen
    Cole NuessenMuaj më parë

    streaming services pls 🙏

  • Xman3000
    Xman3000Muaj më parë

    I remixed this as well if anyone wants to check it out thanks if you do!

  • Roman Spataro
    Roman SpataroMuaj më parë

    deantes verse is so elite

  • Matthew Rundell
    Matthew RundellMuaj më parë

    Intro reminds me of Andre 3000

  • 3eye Kaiii
    3eye KaiiiMuaj më parë


  • Chris Avila
    Chris AvilaMuaj më parë

    [Intro: Johnny Venus & Deante' Hitchcock] Woah, woah, woah, woah-woah (Yeah, yeah, I'm a) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (I'm a, I'm a) Barack Obama lookin' at me (Step right up, step right up) What's up? What's up? [Verse 1: Deante' Hitchcock] Welcome, come one, come all, it's the apoca-lock-your-lips Or get popped with the pocket rocket ship This cross the transatlantic, the damage deep as the agua is Nah, this ain't my strap, this my partner's shit Baby, where I stay, we all be sharin' guns like Sasuke Tell baby I say, I say to my miss, she call me God, she be trippin' But I be trippin' 'cause I don't see enough God in me there to listen Nah, it's different, but I'm still the same nigga in some capacity So please don't say my name in vain 'cause niggas will blast for me If the police shoot me down, burn this bitch to the ground Fuck all that Martin Luther shit, these niggas emptyin' rounds Martin Luther, martial law, we marchin', lootin' Marshall's, lettin' off them Ks That's MLK, revolution, top, pop it off I got both eyes closed 'cause I'm tryna see out this other one Fee-fi-fo, tell Goliath that I ain't stuntin' him Nah, I see it's bigger than him and bigger than me I peeped it's not so big at all, when you hit that water, you'll see [Verse 2: Hollywood JB] Back against the water, broke through it when I wrote this Magnum opus, tore down all layers Never looked up to rappers, only ball players Especially in a figurative sense Averaged a decent percent in my stint off the bench Imagine if I put my power forward (For real) You know, really start dunkin' and shit It's why I'm big on fundamentals now See, I'm a quarry if the query exist Do not poke holes in sugarcoated theories, they said (I mean) The world been nearin' this end (Come on) Why you out here fearin' some man with scary tactics Fully draped in cheap fabrics? How pitiful, the world more than physical [Chorus: Johnny Venus] I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized 'Bout to baptize niggas, let's get baptized I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized [Verse 3: IDK] Uh, ridin' in my X6, textin' my ex bitch Tellin' her that I am on my way to the next bitch Conference call with Netflix, should I go to HBO? Labels goin' public, get me on that IPO Got acres up in Joshua, Michael Jordan endorsements Reggie, Ethan sendin' boxes up, I put those fuckers on And watched the StockX stock go up I made my chain in platinum and I still ain't even platinum yet You a little boy to me, nigga, I kiss you on your forehead Then tell the bitch you planning' on marryin', "Gimme more head" How can I take advice from a nigga that's gettin' no bread? How can I take a flight less than private when we in COVID? Enough said, bloodshed, hide body, backyard, shut shed Borrow money, week later, D-Bo, now I'm like, "What bread?" Fuck Fred, nigga, fuck Jen, nigga, fuck you, nigga, fuck them Ain't got for no fakin', pretendin', and walkin' 'round actin' 'Cause nigga, we not friends [Chorus: Johnny Venus] I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized 'Bout to baptize niggas, let's get baptized I'ma baptize niggas, let's get baptized [Verse 4: Erick The Architect] Kush and the ego, they said to pretend it's lit (Uh-huh) The more that they misinformed, the more irritated I get (Uh-huh) I strike with the pad and pencil, invincible mistrals What's on your mental will rack your temple by tenfold The pinnacle, profit while the preyin' from the weak Nothin' changin' but the days when all the infantry is sheep (Yeah) Black is instantly unique (Uh-huh), you won't put us on that leash (No) And to breed imagination, all you gotta do is speak (Mm-hm) But they finicky, I get it now Divine energy, vibratin' through surround sound Soundin' off, I evolve with my goddess Unfettered, unpolished, split rock like the rose Pop rose when he got it I done seen the brighter moments in the darkness (Yeah) Now they movin' heartless, ain't easy usin' coffins Try to fix the quota but my people moving targets Why the strongest soldiers gotta live through life the hardest? (Tell me) All out history washin' in the Listerine Seen the imagery through the eyes of Huey P God bless my little Gs, I christen thee Try to feed a village with the Spillage Apostles not imposters, there ain't nothin' you could sell us, boy [Verse 5: Zombie Juice] Submerged, physical, came out the water spiritual, uh Seen the light, blink twice, just seen a miracle, nah They been waitin' for this (Uh-huh), like Pop comin' back The seven day theory, they immortalize the wrong niggas Man, it's just scary, wear my heart on my sleeve Protect my all by any means, gotta retain my energy Fuck you thought, you wish that I would fall off? Nah Risin' like my planet's alignment, all my chakras, the climate is heavy The time is now, I'm tryna be happy, like, for real But every time I look up, someone is gettin' killed That remind me of my son or myself Can't understand how they feed off hate Project they insecurities while we tryin' to be great Greater than reason and fate Show them success is sustainable, susceptible Maintainin' it, they only show you the glory, not the pain it took I wanna fly away, reach the sky Pray for better days, if I don't act now, those prayers will just fade My intuition sharp, cuttin' through like a blade My spider sense, I think we hunnies from Heaven

  • Lucid Dreamer
    Lucid DreamerMuaj më parë

    " Try to feed the village with the spillage "

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas MartinMuaj më parë

    EAE 4 PREZ

  • Charles De castro
    Charles De castroMuaj më parë


  • Tochukwu Chidi
    Tochukwu ChidiMuaj më parë

    “Please dont say my name in vain cause niggas will blast for me (blasphemy)” Jesus !!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jay Rake moses
    Jay Rake mosesMuaj më parë

    I'm glad you made this audio...I was almost dead of repeating the same soundtrack ...I love it even the take you guys did on this one..💯🔥🔥❤

  • Kristopher Grimes
    Kristopher GrimesMuaj më parë

    This is amazing I love it

  • Derrick W
    Derrick WMuaj më parë


  • threeflip2244
    threeflip2244Muaj më parë

    man Erick killed this one, that was dope

  • jf brown
    jf brownMuaj më parë

    This remix slaps yup

  • Experiencias del KidHendrix
    Experiencias del KidHendrixMuaj më parë

    The beat is insane! All the artists invited are amazing! This is a totally win! Hope to hear more remixes like this!

  • Dashae Imani
    Dashae ImaniMuaj më parë

    Apple Music plz 💗

  • Justin Walters
    Justin WaltersMuaj më parë

    Really wish Meech woulda made it on the track

  • Subomi Yusuf
    Subomi YusufMuaj më parë

    My word this is bliss

  • kaiden Flores
    kaiden FloresMuaj më parë


  • KingKooy95
    KingKooy95Muaj më parë

    Deante really impressed me with this verse. I knew he could write but this verse is on another level of intricacy.

  • LateVibes
    LateVibesMuaj më parë

    I deadass love everyone on this and they verses was fire but anyone else feel like this mix was kinda off?? Like is it an unfinished rough run through? Like not studio finished, just them taking turns with the instrumental?

  • j1mmy enkoodabaoo
    j1mmy enkoodabaooMuaj më parë

    Deante okay👀

  • Mvelo Cebekhulu
    Mvelo CebekhuluMuaj më parë

    Please Give us a dope video 📹

  • Luis Rendon
    Luis RendonMuaj më parë

    The way Deante came in bruh!

  • sthelo zungu
    sthelo zunguMuaj më parë

    Dope than the original 🔥🔥🔥

  • HipHop LuVeRZ
    HipHop LuVeRZMuaj më parë

    Deante killed it 🤝

  • Jez
    JezMuaj më parë

    Wow that Sharingan line almost went over my head smh

  • Nkosinathi Mchunu
    Nkosinathi MchunuMuaj më parë

    Man, Meech would've snapped on this 😔

  • The Pharmacy
    The PharmacyMuaj më parë


  • The Pharmacy
    The PharmacyMuaj më parë


  • Jaiden Skorup
    Jaiden SkorupMuaj më parë

    Idk why but to me sounds like some of the mics are a bit off

  • KLEAN_upguy ZA
    KLEAN_upguy ZAMuaj më parë


    ILOSTYOUAREMuaj më parë

    Meech would've spazzed on this beat

  • Ari Kramer
    Ari KramerMuaj më parë

    Normally I’d think a delux version would cook this masterpiece but these verses...

  • BadaOgee Taylor
    BadaOgee TaylorMuaj më parë

    I mean, it’s hard to hold up against the original. Nice drop tho

  • asvpnovh
    asvpnovhMuaj më parë

    i need an IDK x Flatbush collab asap

  • asvpnovh
    asvpnovhMuaj më parë

    idk & FBZ 😩😩🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Amir Fortune
    Amir FortuneMuaj më parë

    Uh oh beast coast/dreamville

  • Anthony Valdivia
    Anthony ValdiviaMuaj më parë

    My man Eric always goes in! everyone need to start giving him the respect he deserves!

  • shadi shaer
    shadi shaerMuaj më parë

    Song of the year

  • Jayden Tee
    Jayden TeeMuaj më parë


  • Nolan Malloy
    Nolan MalloyMuaj më parë

    First verse was best is that Deante???

  • Joseph Rivera
    Joseph RiveraMuaj më parë

    #HXLY gang

  • Leandro Martinez
    Leandro MartinezMuaj më parë

    Spillage village and flatbush zombies!?!? God looking out!

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