BTS: EarthGang's "Momma Told Me' and "Liquor Store" Video Shoot w/ Resolve Media Group


EarthGang linked up w/ Resolve Media Group to bring to life their two new visuals "Momma Told Me" and "Liquor Store" off of their forthcoming album "Strays With Rabies" due out on Nov 6th.
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  • Zurg
    Zurg5 vjet më parë

    still bumping strays, dope album

  • Coolisinsession
    Coolisinsession5 vjet më parë

    That liquor sto video was a thing of beauty!

  • birdman1741
    birdman17415 vjet më parë

    Dude I thought J.I.D was a girl

  • Cyrus Lamar
    Cyrus Lamar5 vjet më parë

    This video is gonna be so hype can't wait till it drop 100

  • Alex Daughdrill
    Alex Daughdrill5 vjet më parë

    These dudes are ghosts

  • Alex Vanecek
    Alex Vanecek5 vjet më parë

    so hyped for the album

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