J.I.D & EARTHGANG - Never Had Sh!t Tour | Episode 4


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- Upcoming Shows -
5.30 Oslo, Norway
5.31 Stockholm, Sweden
6.01 Copenhagen, Denmark
6.02 Hamburg, Germany
6.04 Berlin, Germany
6.06 Brussels, Belgium
6.07 Amsterdam, Holland
6.08 Frankfurt, Germany
6.09 Cologne, Germany
6.10 Paris, France
6.12 Zurich, Switzerland
6.13 Lyon, France
6.15 Barcelona, Spain
6.16 Marseille, France
6.18 London, UK
6.19 Birmingham, UK
6.20 Manchester, UK
6.21 Glasgow, UK
6.23 Reykjavik, Iceland
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Created by @_david_peters and @waboosh


  • Dumoluhle Mabhena
    Dumoluhle Mabhena7 muaj më parë

    I am y'all's Stan🔥🔥🔥

    SAY NO TO HUGS8 muaj më parë

    Bout ta put one under

  • AlKhemical Creations
    AlKhemical Creations10 muaj më parë

    althe.info/number/v3jGfGGlf3tlpbo/video END OF DAZE: AN ALKHEMICAL APOCALYPSE This is a video that I put together as a tribute to this song. The content is form a 1930s cartoon, called the Skeleton Dance. I took the original show and spliced it into a 2 and a half minute video. During the video editing process, I edited a lot, frame by frame, to get it to the desired visual! And I did it all in iMovie and from my phone! Including mixing some of the music and a lot of the transitions and extended animation.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats2 vjet më parë

    they have the coolest hair I swear. always so intricate

  • Haamandishe Thapisa
    Haamandishe Thapisa2 vjet më parë

    i aint sure how many african is feeling yals and maybe you might not make the best gwap here but never the less yal need to land South Africa/Botswana beside making rack there is soooo much to see plus!!! i really wana see you guys perform no doubt!!!

  • NuVader 68Fifty_Ent
    NuVader 68Fifty_Ent2 vjet më parë

    What's that intro songs name???

  • Tommy A’li

    Tommy A’li

    Vit më parë

    NuVader 68Fifty_Ent Doo Wop - JID

  • Brandon Vonn
    Brandon Vonn3 vjet më parë

    Been waitin on this one. Lawrence, KS WAS Lit FAM!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Michael Trustnohara
    Michael Trustnohara3 vjet më parë

    what was the first song called?

  • Andrew Make
    Andrew Make3 vjet më parë

    The homies have to Come to South Africa

  • Mandla Dlamini

    Mandla Dlamini

    7 muaj më parë


  • Dumoluhle Mabhena

    Dumoluhle Mabhena

    7 muaj më parë

    I'm with you on that🔥🔥🔥

  • ilaam
    ilaam3 vjet më parë

    This shit HD asf

  • 16jiucyz
    16jiucyz3 vjet më parë

    Yes made it in the video 😂😂😂

  • Juwan Rohan
    Juwan Rohan3 vjet më parë

    I wanna make music with them. Y’all think i could flow with them?

  • Juwan Rohan

    Juwan Rohan

    3 vjet më parë

    iLL-Logics explain why tho

  • 20 Dollar Gold Piece
    20 Dollar Gold Piece3 vjet më parë

    Who's gonna see them in London??

  • Sssinny jk
    Sssinny jk3 vjet më parë

    Jackson, Mississippi. Please come inspire some young artist here😢

  • Branden Sebastian
    Branden Sebastian3 vjet më parë

    Man I live 3 hrs out from Calgary and had to miss out on ya guys cuz the roads were shit 😫 come back to Alberta and give edmonton a shot sometime soon 🙏🏻

  • Brittany
    Brittany3 vjet më parë

    Louisville, KY needs you!! ❤️

  • immortalradar
    immortalradar3 vjet më parë

    Cant wait to see you in Oslo!!!

  • Gunnar Berge

    Gunnar Berge

    2 vjet më parë

    immortalradar Do you have any footage of their show yesterday?

  • on Zyme
    on Zyme3 vjet më parë

    will see them on 06.08.2018 in Frankfurt which is a 6hour drive for me but they are worth it FUTURE of Hip-Hop !!

  • sillyke
    sillyke3 vjet më parë

    The Memphis show was soooo LIT! I was calling errbody like y’all need to be here. One of my happiest nights of 2018. I love y’all! ❤️ Please come back.

  • Sage Takuma
    Sage Takuma3 vjet më parë

    Make that 100 likes 😂ya welcome

  • killer bruh
    killer bruh3 vjet më parë

    come to miami again

  • Jackie O.
    Jackie O.3 vjet më parë


    IMKEVPACK3 vjet më parë

    FINALLY >.>

  • Nanaski
    Nanaski3 vjet më parë

    I can't wait till these guys get big

  • Student 10

    Student 10

    7 muaj më parë

    Good manifestation my guy

  • Justin Kellogg111

    Justin Kellogg111

    7 muaj më parë

    They big enough yet?

  • Jalil C.
    Jalil C.3 vjet më parë

    Who ever stole J.I.D's computer is a bitch

  • CreepperReaper
    CreepperReaper3 vjet më parë

    theey was in Memphis? i missed it

  • Ye
    Ye3 vjet më parë

    i'm at their show in june, so exited 🔥

  • Alexis Anomaly
    Alexis Anomaly3 vjet më parë

    the memphis show was dumb live

  • nicklas gregersen
    nicklas gregersen3 vjet më parë

    See you in copenhagen! Congrats on making into XXL j.i.d

  • joseph dayon
    joseph dayon3 vjet më parë

    Mumble rap fans won't be found here

  • joseph dayon

    joseph dayon

    3 vjet më parë

    Kimar Origami lmao I mean I like people who enunciate when they rap

  • Devin Kimar

    Devin Kimar

    3 vjet më parë

    joseph dayon Eh 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’ll never argue about that because I used to be just like that. I just learned when I gave it a real listen some of it’s pretty good. But even Cole learned to like some mumble rap.

  • joseph dayon

    joseph dayon

    3 vjet më parë

    Kimar Origami lmao... no. Mumble rap is garbage

  • Devin Kimar

    Devin Kimar

    3 vjet më parë

    joseph dayon I like a decent amount of mumble rap and I’m here. Need music for all different situations.

  • Brendan Briody
    Brendan Briody3 vjet më parë

    Hope you guys enjoy Lawerance. Craziest concert I've ever been to. We'd love to have you back.

    BEDCORN3 vjet më parë

    *Next up*

  • Marcus Nicholas
    Marcus Nicholas3 vjet më parë

    First viewer ☝🏿

  • Marcus Nicholas

    Marcus Nicholas

    3 vjet më parë

    Seeing that lawrence clip hurt cause I was pose to be there.. 😥

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